7 Surprising Benefits of Micro-Needling that will Rejuvenate your Skin

Nowadays there are a number of treatments available that claim to make your skin feel younger & energetic. However, Microneedling is one of the simplest and quickest ways to give your skin a healthy & youthful appearance. It not only helps to rejuvenate your skin, but it also heals acne, minimizes scarring, and reduces natural blackhead and oil production. Microneedling is a safe and effective procedure that uses tiny needles to pierce your skin and stimulate your body’s natural regeneration process. When your body is exposed to micro-wounds, it activates its healing response, which results in the formation of new tissues, collagen, and elastin, enhancing your skin’s appearance by decreasing wrinkles, tightening loose skin, and reducing scarring.

Micro-needling helps your skin experience some incredible outcomes with help from professional & leading dermatologists at Eva Lifecare Clinic. But first, let us walk you through what it actually is1


Microneedling is the name given to a process that is specifically designed to trigger your skin’s natural healing mechanisms. This is accomplished through the use of targeted microtrauma induced by a pen with ten or more needles. These pens vibrate at a specific depth while piercing a superficial layer of your skin (which doesn’t damage your skin). This is repeated a thousand times in a matter of seconds! If you’re concerned about pain or have a needle phobia, you should know that it doesn’t cause any significant discomfort!

With that said, once all the controlled and small piercings have been formed over your skin’s epidermis, the top layer of your dermis will be stimulated to produce a natural healing response. This healing response then stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in your skin (it’s a lot of complex words, I know).

But what does this mean to you? It means that your skin would be smoother, more textured, and plumper than it was before. Even beyond these basic advantages, micro-needling offers some amazing benefits & unexpected benefits which to give your skin the glow you’ve always deserved. Let’s take a look at a few of these advantages. So allow us to walk you through the treatment and show you the wonderful benefits it has to offer.

1. Instantly Improves your Skin’s Texture & Smoothness

Elastin and collagen are two naturally occurring components in your skin that contribute to the ‘plump’ appearance that everyone desires. So your specialists’ use of a pinprick needle will stimulate the remodeling process of your skin through revascularization and new collagen improving the texture of your skin. 

Around your 30s, collagen production naturally slows, and women begin to notice sagging skin. The good news is that with our assistance, you will be able to develop collagen right away. You will notice that your skin is much softer and smoother just a few hours after undergoing Micro-needling

2. Treats Cystic or Normal Acne

One effect of micro-needling is that it significantly reduces sebum production in your skin, making it less oily. This decreased oil production on your skin plays a significant role in preventing the formation of acne or cystic acne on your skin.

3. Reduces the Number of Blackheads

Another interesting benefit of this procedure is that it can remove or liberate any type of blackhead formation. Almost immediately after your procedure, you will notice that all of the blackheads in your skin have vanished in a black hole (lame joke, I know).

After a few weeks, you will notice that the previously large pores on your skin have shrunk significantly. Once you’ve removed the blackheads, you’ll find that preventing them is much easier with the help of simple Vitamin C serums.

4. Makes Scars & Marks Vanish!

Acne scars are notoriously difficult to remove, but micro-needling removes them with relative ease & after the procedure is finished, your skin will go through a process known as fibrosis which may not appear to be so but is quite beneficial for your skin! This is because fibrosis causes your skin to stick together in such a way that every scar or pockmark on the surface of your skin literally vanishes.


It has already been discovered that any treatment from Eva Lifecare Clinic that disrupts the epidermis of your skin will result in skin exfoliation. This refers to the removal of dead skin cells from the epidermis’s upper surface. But why is this significant? Because when these dead skin cells are actively removed, your skin immediately glows with a much younger and fresher glow.

6. Reduces Wrinkles & Fine lines 

This has to be our & nearly everyone’s favorite benefit of micro-needling. It has been discovered that your skin’s natural release of growth factors tends to heal and repair itself. Aside from collagen stimulation, Eva Lifecare Clinic can assist the small blood vessels in your skin in supplying nutrients, oxygen, and fresh blood to the dermis. These skin changes are known to reduce wrinkles by tightening your existing skin and healing all forms of photodamage making your skin look younger overall!


Our skin is prone to hyperpigmentation as a result of white/blackheads, pimples, and inflammation. Because of this issue, different parts of your skin have a different tone that results in uneven and blotchy skin tone.

So, how does micro-needling come into play here? It was discovered that the procedure reduces keratinocyte levels in your skin while increasing matrix metalloproteinases.  In simpler terms, micro-needling has been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation in the skin, resulting in a more even skin tone.

After reading all these crazy benefits you would definitely love giving micro-needling a try. However, it’s never easy to find a dermatologist who is not only an expert but someone you can trust! Well, we at Eva Lifecare clinic are here for the rescue. EVA life care is a one-stop-shop for healing and well-being which delivers safe & complete skin evaluation, cosmetic and other holistic services. So visit our website to book an appointment & know more today!

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