Holistic life care solutions for Skin, Hair and More..

As a founder of Eva Life Care Clinic, Dr. Aiman Munshi aims to provide holistic healthcare services through her clinic by putting the clients at the core of its’ endeavor.

An Aesthetic physician and homeopath by profession, Dr. Aiman Munshi has established herself as one of the youngest and most prominent members of the Maharashtra Council for Homeopathy.

She’s a certified practitioner of Skin & Hair Care, Homeopathy, and Cupping therapy, thanks to her certified academics, excellent knowledge as well as invaluable experience in the aforementioned fields.


Apart from her education qualification, Dr. AimanMunshi’s expertise is backed up by the professional experience of working with Prince Aly Khan Hospital as well as being associated with top-class Skin Specialist in South Mumbai, from whom she received a certificate of excellence.

Dr. AimanMunshi aims to provide holistic healthcare services at Eva Life Care Clinic with our clients being the cynosure of our endeavor.

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