5 Things to know before undergoing Cupping Therapy

Cupping, made famous by Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps, is becoming more popular & an alternative rehabilitation approach. According to some sources (our secret Ninja’s), it’s become so popular that Hollywood is starting to use it in preparation for the Oscars, which can only mean one thing: The number of people interested in this traditional Asian therapy is increasing worldwide

Cupping Therapy is a technique that uses the suction effect to apply rounded inverted cups to certain regions of the body. When these cups are placed over the skin, they produce suction, which aids in the healing process by increasing your blood flow.

Cupping promotes blood circulation in the area where the cups are placed. This aids in the reduction of muscle tension, allowing for increased blood flow and cell repair. It may also help the tissue produce new connective tissues and blood vessels. Prior to treatment, the skin is punctured in the ‘wet cupping’ method. During the cupping technique, blood flows out of the punctures, which is considered to help the body rid itself of impurities.

Some people suggest that Cupping therapy is harmful and ineffective, while some people suggest giving it a try. Well, the truth of the matter is that not many people know much about cupping therapy. So, we bring to you 5 important things that you should know before undergoing cupping therapy. 

It is a risk-free treatment.

Acupuncturists are the most common practitioners of cupping, however other healers also use it on their patients. Cupping is based on the idea that circulating blood and Qi can help treat a range of diseases. Before placing the cup on the patient’s skin, a healer swipes a burning piece of cotton or an alcohol swab inside the glass cup, suction is created as a result of this. The cups might be stationary or moved around by the healer. While this is not something you should attempt at home, when conducted by an acupuncturist or other skilled healthcare practitioner, the therapy is very safe. After some basic guidance from a professional, silicone cups can be used at home or on the road!

Cupping is not a new technique.

Cupping has been around for quite some time & used to relieve pain and eliminate stagnation for over two thousand years, yet you may be hearing about it for the first time. It was first utilized by Chinese healers, who used bamboo and bull horns as cups.

Cupping is performed in a variety of ways 

When most people think about cupping, they’re thinking of fire cupping. Some healers use a technique known as “wet-cupping,” in which a scalpel or needle is used to allow a little amount of blood to be suctioned out by a glass cup. Apart from silicone cups made of other materials, such as plastic or rubber, are also available to make sure you stay comfortable all the time.

Cupping is used to treat a range of ailments.

From snake bites to coughs to dyspepsia cupping has been used in a number of treatments for many years. According to studies (again by our secret Ninjas), cupping may be beneficial for stroke patients as well as persons with hypertension or persistent non-specific low back pain. However, additional study is needed before researchers can make a conclusive claim.

It induces a healing action

Cupping is used to aid in the recovery of an injury, muscular inflammation, or pain. The tissue is stretched during cupping, which causes an inflammatory reaction in the region. White blood cells begin to tear down scar tissue when there is inflammation, which aids in the healing process. It also aids in the relaxation of tense muscular tissue.

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