Facial Cupping 


Face cupping is an old method that improves circulation, collagen production, and relaxes any facial muscles that are tense. It’s like nature’s makeover, only better. Cupping on the face and head is analogous to cupping on the rest of the body, except the cups are solely applied to the face and head. The cups are available in an exceedingly kind of form to suit the curves of your face. Unlike traditional body cupping, which produces cup marks, this is a gentle procedure that will not leave marks.

Cupping causes suction, which pulls blood to the skin’s surface and promotes circulation. This increased blood flow aids within the relief of muscular tension, a significant explanation for headaches and jaw discomfort. The facial cups gently separate the various layers of skin and other tissue in your face, stimulating the creation of collagen and other restorative compounds.

As your body processes the blood cells that were transported to the location, anti-inflammatory compounds are released both locally and across the body. Furthermore, pressure variations when the cups are placed and withdrawn may assist reduce nasal congestion and improving lymphatic drainage. Your sinuses are big chambers in your head that will fill with fluid when you are unwell or have allergies. By encouraging the fluid to exit your sinuses, facial massage and cupping may help relieve congestion.

Facial Cupping in Mumbai with Eva Care, clears the body of congestion and waste. The elimination of this congestion aids within the healing process. Cupping also pulls blood to the damaged areas, sending a surge of fresh nutrients to the tissues. The circulation of blood transports oxygen to the cells and also the systema lymphaticum, which creates antibodies. Increased circulation aids within the detoxification and removal of microorganisms that cause skin problems. All of those elements add tandem to repair the skin. Cupping treatment is also more practical for acne since it stimulates healing at the subcutaneous level.


Benefits of facial cupping:

  • Muscle tension relief.
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Strengthens Facial tissues.
  • Increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your face.

So now that we know how Face Cupping helps, I’m sure you would have some questions about Face Cupping. So here are some of the most common questions we get asked at our clinic:


Does Face Hijama help Acne?

A number of skin conditions and acne are healed with hijama, the cups are placed on the infected area that makes a vacuum to draw the tissues inside for treating the acne.


Can Hijama help sagging skin?

Our skin stretches and loses its elasticity as we age. Cupping helps to bring new red blood to the skin’s surface, which can help to reshape and tighten it. It reduces the appearance of sagging skin, however, because no two people are alike, the end result is exclusive to every individual. Some people quickly react to therapy, while others take slightly longer.

So now that you have everything you need to know- Book an appointment with Dr. Aiman at the earliest time possible to help aid your problems with the traditional and safe process of Cupping. With efficient Facial Cupping in Mumbai available, no patient should have to wait and accept the repercussions of their skin conditions. So Book now!

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