Cupping therapy involves placing cups to create suction. It is an alternative medicine therapy which is said to have its origin in China and is known to have been practiced in Middle-east.

It increases the blood circulation where the cups are placed, concentrates the toxins to the area of the cups, further drains the unwanted, stagnant toxic blood that is the apparent reason for the ailments, and thereby aiding in the repair of the body.

Cupping is used to treat many ailments.

At Eva Life Care Clinic, we use cupping therapy to treat different problems relating to skin and hair using different Cupping Techniques.

We perform 3 types of cupping techniques:

-Dry Cupping

-Wet Cupping

-Cupping Massage

Dry cupping or vacuum body cupping involves only suction

whereas wet cupping may involve both suction and controlled medicinal bleeding. This technique is also known as Hijama. It helps to drain the toxins, Cupping Massage includes lymphatic drainage techniques using the suction cup. It is effective for reducing pain and is very relaxing.

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