Using Acupressure cupping techniques in Eva life Care Clinic provides relief from headaches, stress, and other disorders. Our Head Cupping treatment is a tested process where we use acupressure suction cups, placed at strategic points to relieve you of the pressure.

The use of modern equipment like the Hijama Cupping machine helps us to get better results in treating our clients. Many of our customers suffering from stress and related ailments have reported improvement in their condition after treatment with Chinese suction techniques.

Many are offering head cupping and Hijama solutions in Mumbai. However, the process is delicate, and there are high chances that it could lead to other problems, if not done correctly. The best results from this sophisticated Vacuum cupping therapy can only be delivered by experts.

We have certified practitioners having expertise in the efficient use of Chinese Suction Cups, who have over the years developed experience in identifying the right nodes on the head. Treating with a vacuum cupping at these spots offer the best relief from pain, stress, and sleeplessness.

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