Pigmentation is one of the common skin problems faced in India, due to its location in tropics. Melasma, Dark spots, age spots, tanning, etc. are a few of the various forms of pigmentation caused due to the direct rays of the sun. We, at Eva Life Care Clinic, specialize in providing treatment for various forms of pigmentation.
Hyperpigmentation could result in forming dark patches in areas like – Nose, upper cheek, upper lips, forehead, underarms, or on any other part of the body.
Pigmentation treatment can help in removing these irregular dark patches and provide you with lighter skin. We also provide pigmentation treatment for patches on the hands, back of the neck, etc.

We offer promising pigmentation treatments in Mumbai through the use of the latest technology and different methods.

Different types of treatment include:
-Chemical Peels
-Laser Therapy
-Skin brightening with medi-facials.

Laser treatment for pigmentation is one of the most effective and advanced treatments for removing unwanted pigmentation on the skin over 6 – 8 sessions.

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