What is LED Light Therapy and how does it help your skin?

We all desire the healthy-looking radiance that comes with glowing skin. However, getting that glowing and young skin requires a lot of sacrifices & treatments which everyone can’t do. That’s why we at EVA life care clinic offer LED Light Therapy which is a holistic skin rejuvenation therapy that uses the power of light to heal your skin. LED light works on a cellular level to treat active acne, reduce redness and rosacea, increase collagen synthesis, induce faster healing along with various other benefits by transferring the soothing energy of light deep into your skin tissue. 

LED treatments were created to help in the healing of wounds and post-surgery scars without the use of hazardous radiation. This therapy, on the other hand, is commonly regarded as a therapeutic and relaxing treatment that can be completed during a lunch break with very less recovery time as compared to other elaborate treatments. LED light therapy treatment is now available to help with pain alleviation, superficial skin lesions, rosacea, burns, and as a supplement to your advanced skin care regimen.

What is LED Light Therapy, and how does it work?

LED therapy is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that involves exposing your skin to light energy, which is subsequently absorbed into the surface at different depths to trigger skin reactions. This encourages cellular growth and repair giving you a radiant, young appearance. This treatment can treat everything, from aging skin and acne to more complex disorders like rosacea, it can treat a variety of issues depending on the wavelengths and types of light employed, that’s what makes it so interesting. It was developed by NASA for use in space research and testing. But now it’s a big skincare tool that can handle all of your self-care needs quite well.

The LED lights are non-thermal and rely on the color band’s wavelength. The light penetrates multiple layers of your skin during the treatment, causing a relaxing and renewing reaction. Because the effects are temporary, they must be repeated several times during a particular period to reap the full benefits of the treatment. The LED light source emits energy that, depending on the wavelength aids in skin renewal, healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits when focused on the skin. The energetic stimulation can also help with tissue repair by increasing collagen formation, blood circulation, and cell turnover.

Benefits of LED therapy

LED light therapy, also known as light-emitting diode therapy, is a skincare treatment that has a number of advantages. It’s a typical treatment that involves the use of lights to reach different levels of the skin and address various issues. The advantages of LED light treatment are listed below.

1. It’s appropriate for all skin types.

LED light therapy is a mild and safe approach to skincare that uses various wavelengths to address common skin issues. It does not hurt or damage your skin in any way and suits all skin types because it is a non-invasive skin procedure. Using light therapy you can give yourself that young & fresh look back again!

2. Effectively treats acne

LED light therapy can help people with stubborn acne and acne-prone skin. As previously said, light has the capacity to penetrate deep into the skin’s pores and break the layer of acne-causing bacteria, preventing acne and clogged pores.

3. Improves the overall skin texture

Those who undergo LED light treatment find a difference in their skin’s general health. Because these lights target acne and other skin issues such as sunspots and discoloration, it makes your skin even-toned and healthier.

4. Reverses the effects of the sun

A majority of skin issues are caused by UV radiation. Regular exposure to UV radiation can cause everything from untimely aging to pigmentation and uneven skin tone. LED light treatment can help with these issues. When utilized in conjunction with the LED light, most skin concerns can be targeted and sun damage can be reversed.

Is LED Light Therapy the Right Treatment for You?

Yes, definitely & here’s why; All things considered, LED light therapy is the way to go for developing younger skin. All skin types can benefit from LED light therapy, which is safe, painless yet very effective. All you have to do is lie behind a light screen while your dermatologist takes care of the rest. And don’t worry, you won’t end up with a ridiculous tan. Light treatment does not use UV light, so it won’t tan or hurt your skin in any way.

So what are you waiting for? Consult Dr. Aiman Munshi to book your LED light therapy appointment & give your skin the love it deserves. 

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